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A quality product comes from a good design. Our experienced team of designers work with the latest engineering tools and software to help you ensure a quality part design that also allows our tooling designers to create the best possible tool for your project requirements.

Let us help you ensure your product design is manufacturable. With varied software like UG, SolidWorks and Autocad etc., we support multiple file formats including STP, X-T, IGS, DXF, DWG, and etc. We will review your design and provide feedback on possible issues or areas of improvement.

Mold-flow analysis that can be used to simulate the broadest range of injection molding processes to predict and avoid potential manufacturing defects and enable you to predict and solve injection molding manufacturing problems in the earliest stages of product development.
Injection moulding optical pieces
Two component injection moulding
Injection moulding
Automotive supply
Processing of all thermoplastics
2K injection moulding
Precision injection moulding
Mould construction
Precision injection moulding parts
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