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38 Details of Mould Trial You Don’t Know
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Author:Mr. Luo

Today,ABI Mould welcomes customers of England NISSAN and Germany BMW to our company for mould trial. ABI Mould pays attentions to details all the time. Our project engineer summarizes some tips need to pay attention to during the mould trial. Below are 38 details for your reference, hope it’s helpful to you.

The Worksite of Mould Trial

The Worksite of Mould Trial

About Action

1. The angle ejector headstraight ejector head and angle pin must be fixed.

2. The ejector pin needs to fit suitably, no neglected loading, no reverse installation and good lubrication maintenance is necessary.

3. The ejector plate moves smoothly, no abnormal sound and it can reset completely after ejection.

4. The slide moves smoothly, no loose. It needs limitation and good lubrication maintenance.

5. The lifter moves smoothly, fits good and it needs good lubrication maintenance.

6. The cylinder is clean and it moves smoothly. Limitation is reliable and limit switch is effective.

7. The template moves smoothly, orderly, no burns, no sound and good lubrication maintenance.

8. Other institutions exercise normally, no burns, no sound and good lubrication maintenance.

About Exterior

9. The ejector pin, insert has no neglected assembling, no reverse installation and good lubrication maintenance is necessary.

10. The cooling must keep flowing, with reasonable flow, no water leakage under pressure inspection.

11. Multiple sets of transport code are remarked and the eye bolt in good condition.

12. Runners should have reasonable and smooth size, and also material cooling device and part pulling device.

13. Exhaust distribution is reasonable and the depth is qualified.

14. Other institutions no missing, wrong, reset assembling and so on.

15. Clamp slot: mould external structure (water fittings ,slide,etc) can’t interfere with clamp slot.

16. Nameplate: hot runner, water transport ,mould, maintenance,customers,action, warning.

17. Polished surface is required polish, no scratches, no rust, wear and oil tank is needed.

18. Parting surface no apparent drag、weld mark and so on. Fast opening and closing mold, and side nail has enough exhaust.

19. The surface of mold base no serious rust.

20. Other institutions are completed, have no damage and so on.

About Parameter optimization of Mould Trial

21. Is plastic material correct and baked according to the requirements? The temperature of plastic material and mold should be controlled in the range of the physical table.

22. Injection machine need to be arranged reasonably and the clamping force should be controlled in the specification range.

23. Injection Speed can be acceptable (Judge by injection time).

24. The maximum injection pressure is within the acceptable range.

25. Sealing time and packing pressure need be optimized by increasing test.

26. Cooling time need be optimized. Injection cycle is required within the range.

27. Mold cooling evenly check the position of the mold temperature, and the temperature difference should be controlled within 5 °.

About Model Check

28. The length of the nozzle should be controlled in the range of customers’ requirements (each customer requirements are not same: 18 ~ 25mm ?.)

29. The nozzle has no drag ,no flash. There is no spark pattern in the direction of the nozzle.

30. 3D printing products no character mistakes and products’ texture and engraving are correct.

31. All the holes , Shut-Off(S/0),PL of products have no flash, and the product no drags.

32. Products no sink mark or shrinkage is acceptable.

33. Products do not have hot baking, pouring pattern, pattern and air.

34. Product does not exceed 0.1mm difference of segment (except special requirements).

35. Products no deformation or deformation can be accepted.

About Maintenance

36. Is the modification content of size corrected to the required number?

37. Whether had the appearance modification corrected accordingly?

38. Whether had the modification corrected accordingly?

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