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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to about the Mold Delivery
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Delivery is the last step of the whole project and it plays a vitally important role. There are four points of delivery you should pay attention to.

1) Pay attention to prevent rust of surface. In the long-distance delivery, molds need to be sprayed by high quality rust inhibitor and packed without air.

2) Pay attention to packaging fixation. On the outside of molds, there are many highlighted water holes, where should prevent to be struck.

3) After the mold is assembled, the safety device accompanying the mold must be fixed in order to ensure that the mold is safe to reach the customer's hands

4) Bulk items or spare parts should be packaged into a box, not to pack in the same bag with mould. They are clear at a glance when open the package.

ABI focuses on every link of the work, every detail, all moulds need to be inspected before mould transportation: 4~6 hours' trial-production, mould package, mould shipment documents collection,customs declaration preparation and other matters needing attention.Then, molds will be transported,and you can choose to ship by Ocean, by air or by land.

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