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Quality project be managed by professional company. ABI Mould is specilizing in doing plastic injection mold.

The company has a professional team with rich experience to build high-quality goods to our customers. Apart from the technological force, the company has high-precision and big manufacturing facilities. Our employees are enthusiastic on working, with short mould making lead time and high quality of the products which satisfied by international customers.

The company with the power to innovate. The company has an enviable reputation in being completely customer focused, giving total satisfaction and meeting customers need in an increasingly demanding market place.

Mould Making Specialist. Engineer, Expertise covers

· Injection Mould Design & Manufacture

· Materials, Process & Quality engineering

· Component Design

· Prototyping & Development

· Expert in mould making

· Mould making and injection process Innovation

· Excellent in project management

· Competitive price.

ABI Mould develops rapidly over the past years. And ABI Mould products have covered most area of the world, including Europe, America, and South-east Asia.

ABI Mould will continue to develop towards high technology and targets to be the industrial leader in the fields ABI Mould is involved. Based on advanced technology, teamwork and professionalism, the group is going to beat the challenge of the ever changing economic and social environment. ABI Mould will sustain the growth and continue to contribute to the society in return.

Tool quality guarantee

Steel guarantee: All steel from ABI mould be gruaranteed, with certificate and can texture test at any time at anywhere.

Work process guarantee: There is no allow for any welding during machining process. Detailed report for every section work.

Lead time guarantee: There is no delay, every project be in charged of signed project engineer and marketing person, and project lead time be managed since very early phase. Pay heart to stare at process work.

International Standard guarantee: ABI purchases all standard component from official company who meets international standard, which means the goods from ABI with all standard component, you can buy them in anywhere of the World to match use.

Injection production quality guarantee

Series production from 110ton to 600ton series injection with a assembly line.

IQC for material coming inspection, every material with certificate and inspection report.

IPQC for production process inspection includes professional standard work process, machine stable and manage all production in order.

PPAP and parts general inspection and dimension report providing for every series production.

QA inspection for every batch delivery parts.

Pay attention to detailed work. Optimization work process.  Innovation. Providing valuable work to customer.

Injection moulding optical pieces
Two component injection moulding
Injection moulding
Automotive supply
Processing of all thermoplastics
2K injection moulding
Precision injection moulding
Mould construction
Precision injection moulding parts
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