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ABI Mould & Engineer Co., Ltd Recruitment

Our company was founded in 2011, which is located in Jinse Mang yuan , Shishan Industrial Zone , Loucun Village, Guangming new district , Shenzhen . our main business covers :

  • Injection Mould Designing & Manufacturing
  • Material processing & Quality controling
  • Product engineering
  • Rapid mould producing
  • Professional Mould manufacturing
  • Reform and innovation of Mold making and injection process
  • Professional project management

The three years has witnessd the rapidly increased performance and the continuely growing scale since the establishment of our company. A succession of friendly customers from all over the world have visited our factory and spoke highly of us . We ABI Mould , as a new star in the field of mould , is going to creat our own miracles . Now because of the needs of business decelopment, we are looking for the following positions, the requirements are as belows:

3 Forign trade salesman (woman only)

1.college or above, majored in English and International trade
2.English level 4 or above , fluent in English speaking,reading and writing
3.More than one year experiences in International trade work, familiar with international  trade process.
4.Familiar with E-commerce, have the experiences in customer relationship development via the internet.
5.Be confident and optimistic, quick thinking, fast learning , able to work under pressure , team player, working hard
6.Good business negotiation and communication ability
7.Merchadising experiences in plastic injection mold and related work is preferred.

2 Injection molding operators
1.Junior middle school degree or above .
2.Related work experiences in injection molding machine or packing is prefered.
3.Proactive attitude , responsible for the management and arrangements of integrated matters.
4.Female only

2  CNC computor designers
1.High shool and polytechnic school degree or above ,majored in Numerical control and machinery.
2.More than 3 years’ experiences in export mold of automotic and CNC machining center technology , proficient in NC programing .
3.Strong hands-on capability, proficient in CNC processing technology.
4.Strong responsibility , good management ability and strong trouble shooting skills.

3 CNC operators
1.2 years and above working experiences in CNC operating
2.Familiar with mitsubishi and the new generation system, being able to will the knife and delete the program .
3.Strong responsibility , good management and communication coordination ability.

1  Personal clerk
1.Working experiences in administrative management and personal dossir management is prefered.
2.Familiar with personal regulation and labor contract management
3.Familiar with microsoft office and  writing ability , have strong sense of responsibility , proficient in computer/ good at computer
4.College and bachelor or above , more than 2 years of related working experiences in personnel recruitment .
5.Working place:Guangming

1 Three dimensional measurement or measuring techniician (group leader )
1.Familiar with all kinds of  measuring tools, such as : Three dimension , projector or the 2.5 dimension , scale height and hardness gauge  understand routine attention , maintenace or verification of all kinds of detection device .
2.High school or college degree or above , age between 22-23, possessing proper working attitude, earnest, preciseness, ambition and passion, having the knowledge of capability of  perceptive observation and data statistics and analysis  is prefered , male or female .
3.Working experiences in injection molding or hardware stores is prefered.
4.Familiar with or have a knowledge of  daily routines of  quality system operating of ISO90000 .
Sullary and company welfare : Our company will offer you a good pay , comfortable working environment , and wil buy social security after your entry .
If you can , just challenge , no restriction on academic qualification or census register , person with lofty ideals are warmly welcomed .

Contact information :

Tel: 0755-33691076-8014   33691077
Contact person : Miss Yuan 13927463184
Email: clerk2-hr@api-plastic.com
Address:  A8 Jinse mang yuan ,Shishan Industrial zone , Loucun village , Guangming new district , Shenzhen , Guangdong, China .
Bus stop : Social security bureau . Guangming center station . Binhe Garden
Interview date : Monday------Saturday
8:00----12:00 am.
1:30-----5:30 pm.
Interview place: A8 Jinse mang yuan, Shishan Injustrial zone , loucun Village , Guangming New Destrict, Guangdong,Shenzhen .

Deadline: Position are limited , stop when filled.

It’s our choice instead of our ability deciedes who we are .
You are welcome to join ABI Mould , our team are waiting for you , take action immediately please .

ABI Mould & Engineer Co.,Ltd

1 March, 2015

Injection moulding optical pieces
Two component injection moulding
Injection moulding
Automotive supply
Processing of all thermoplastics
2K injection moulding
Precision injection moulding
Mould construction
Precision injection moulding parts
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