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NPE Composes the Time's Song for ABI Mould
时间:【2017-7-21】 共阅【】次 【打印此页】【返回

In the spring of 2015, ABI team, with the freshness of the season, set foot on the North American continent and participated in the three-year US NPE International Plastics Fair at the Orlando Convention Center, the largest and oldest plastic exhibition of United States, also the world's second largest plastics industry event.

The exhibition was attended by Lisa and Cici, it's the second time for whom to attend the exhibition show on the world stage, and it's the first time for Cici to join the international show representing company. Though she may feel a bit restrained at her "first show", she brought new vitality of spring to show in ABI's fair history, and she puts that she learned a lot on the Orlando trip. Under the joint efforts of Lisa and Cici, ABI Mould attracted a large numbers of new customers, opened the door of American market, which laid the foundation for ABI's further development and expansion.

Time is like a song. Nowadays in 2017, we are deeply touched when we look back to the fighting scene at that time. Till now, ABI had lived through various test, also enjoyed the harvest joy, which closely related to everybody's efforts from ABI. Thank you all!

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